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Hey! I'm Rach.

Image of Rach Watson, creator and designer of The Lachimolalounge's products

I've designed everything you can find in The Lachimolalounge.

There are many things I dig. Cats, rugby, singing, writing, Marvel movies, and obviously seven ordinary boys from Korea called Bangtan Sonyeondan.

I'm relatively new to the boraverse - while a big part of me wishes I'd been around with them since 2013, I am a firm believer in the ARMY mantra that BTS find you when you need them. After working in dull office jobs (but with awesome teams, I should add) for years, circumstances meant that I all of a sudden didn't have 'normal' employment anymore so I took the opportunity to get my creative ass in gear and turn a side hustle into what I do full time. Tried various things, with various degrees of success. Then started drifting, mojo having sailed off into the sunset leaving me on a rickety raft with a half-inflated volleyball for my only friend. 


Then along came BTS (thanks Scarlett - that's Scarlett Drake, go find her on instagram she's an insanely good writer who was posting about them for a year before I went 'ok then so let me have a listen') and after heading down that rabbithole LIKE A FRICKEN WOMAN POSSESSED I came back up having found a pot of golden mojo from which I drank deeply.

So here I am.

If I'm not drawing with my face an inch away from my ipad, I'm singing somewhere (award winning barbershop and a cappella doncha know), or being sat on by a cat. Or occasionally, all three.

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