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So what the heckin heck is a lachimolalounge anyway?

The Lachimolalounge was born from one of those wonderful, barmy, nonsensical moments for which the Korean variety series Run BTS! is known.

The video above, and I urge you to watch it simply because IT IS EPIC, features the moment in which the now-legendary word LACHIMOLALA was coined by THE Park Jimin, purely by virtue of being a massive numpty at this game (skip to 17m25s if you don't have time to watch all of it, but I refer the Rt Hon Potential Customer to the above plea to watch it cos it's ace).

Now the spelling of the Jiminvented word is hotly debated - it is variously presented as LAJIMOLALA, LACHIBOLALA, LAJIBOLALA, and even sometimes LARGE-BO-LALA (thanks autosubs).

Which you choose is largely a matter of preference, and I've gone with LACHIMOLALA - which in turn gave birth to The Lachimolalounge.

In my head, I keep a mental image of a plush, velvety, purple paradise of a louche lounge...chaises longues strewn about, soft furnishings in which to wrap yourselves while chill music and pastel toned, cherry blossom strewn K-dramas play on screens and speakers about you. Piles of kittens tumble about, waiting for you to smoosh them, and there's a never ending conveyor belt of gimbap, tteokbokki, hotteok, bbq, chilled soju and Mogu Mogu skirting the room, weaving in and out of displays of all the good stuff you can find in the shop...all for you. Enjoy.

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