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This is me, I am she! I'm Rach, the illustrator and designer behind The Lachimolalounge :)

I'm an avid reader, watcher of movies, mother of cats, enormous BTS fan, language and word nerd, camper, water baby, ALWAYS singing, short, Welsh person.

Everything you see in The Lachimolalounge has been created by me, and is manufactured sometimes with the help of other wonderful small businesses here in the UK - because I live in a very very small Victorian terrace house that isn't able to accommodate MAHOOSIVE digital garment printers and industrial grade stuff an' ting. So I've worked hard to find responsible, ethical, environmentally sound companies that produce top-notch goodies for you and your home.

I've always created stuff for as long as I can remember - it's always been the thing that brings me the most joy in life. I'm also a firm believer in being as authentically yourself as you can possibly be - and that's why this website and my shop combines all the things I love. None of us are one single thing, so why should what we offer the world be one single thing?

Anyhoo, this post was meant to be a brief hello, but one of the things you'll get to know about me is that I RAMBLE (and not the walky kind)

WELCOME - pull up a chaise (we have many, all shades of purple and as squishy and soft as you like), browse the shop, say hello...and if you want to know anything, comment here or message me from the homepage!

Lots of love.

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