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BANGTAN 101! A quick guide to BTS

Hey there! OK, so - you may have come across my site may be someone I've talked to and you're not sure WHAT THE HECK I keep talking about when I mention BTS, or "my beautiful babies" etc here is a whistlestop guide to what has me waxing lyrical, singing SUPER loudly in the car (with my quasi-Korean - I'm trying, OK??), and eating ramyeon and tteokbokki three times a week.

Buckle up loves, because here we go - a whirlwind tour of the seven splendid humans who make up the sensational septet known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, or simply, BTS!

Chapter 1: The BTS Beauties - meet the men of the vocal line and the rap line:

  1. RM (Kim Namjoon - Rap Monster/RMazing): The brainy leader, a lyrical genius with a side hustle in breaking things by accident. He speaks English like a champ, leaving translators in awe. A supremely thoughtful human, can be consistently relied on to boost your mood, tell you you're enough, and grin fit to bust his cheeks all in one sentence. Also very good at speaking at v v v important places like the United Nations, The White House...y'know, no big deal.

  2. Jin (Kim Seokjin - Worldwide Handsome): The living meme and self-proclaimed worldwide handsome. His love for dad jokes and his mirror is second to none. The oldest member of the group and the first to enlist for his mandatory service, this is the guy Chris Martin from Coldplay has THE BIGGEST crush on. He's an absolute legend and loves a good pair of PJs and a cute video game.

  3. Suga (Min Yoongi - Lil Meow Meow): The sleepy rapper-producer who can turn your heart to mush with his heartfelt lyrics. He's also the king of resting grump face. Also known as Agust D, he recently completed a 28-date solo tour for his album D-Day - slaying hearts, making friends, healing the world with his awesomeness. He may appear to be a bit of a grump, but he is HILARIOUS and has the biggest heart.

  4. J-Hope (Jung Hoseok - Hobi/Walking Sunshine): The sunshine of the group, he could make even a cactus smile. His dance moves are so lit that they're practically fire hazards - and he choreographs a lot of the group's stuff. The second member to enlist for his mandatory service after releasing his solo album Jack In The Box, and conquering Lollapalooza, the first Korean headliner they've had.

  5. Jimin (Park Jimin - Mochi/Mr. Abs): The resident dancer with killer abs and a heartwarming smile. If you need someone to burst into spontaneous giggles (usually followed by falling off whatever surface he happens to be on), Jimin's your guy. The Jimin Effect is a known natural and cultural phenomenon (seriously, search for it on YouTube) - whereby LITERALLY EVERYONE falls under his spell. The King of Duality, he is the cutest little mochi bun one minute, and stealing the love of your life the next. Except he wouldn't do that because he's too lovely lovely lovely.

  6. V (Kim Taehyung - TaeTae/Absurdly Adorable Alien): The fashion icon who's basically an alien disguised as a human. His quirky personality and unique style make him impossible not to love. Consistently voted as the most beautiful man alive, he's just as much at home swanning about in Celine and Gucci finery as he is in a straw hat and lifevest shouting "SNORKELLINNNNNGGG!!" as he makes his way to the beach.

  7. Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk - Golden Maknae): The golden boy with talents pouring out of his ears. He can sing, dance, and make your heart race all at once. He is my bias (the term used for your fave in the k-pop world) and I would probably sell all my organs for him. Youngest of the group at 25. Currently to be seen DEVOURING the planet in Calvin Klein ad campaigns as their global brand ambassador. Regularly switches on his live stream in the middle of the night to talk to fans, singing us songs, chatting about stuff, folding his laundry, falling asleep, y'know, the usual.

Chapter 2: BTS Shenanigans.

Join the fun with these epic moments:

  1. Run BTS!: Think of it as a hilarious obstacle course meets a variety show. Watch BTS tackle challenges, play games, and reveal their inner child. Chaos guaranteed! I absolutely recommend watching some episodes of this, even if this is the first time you've ever encountered BTS - absolute mood booster.

  2. WeLive Adventures: As mentioned re Jungkook above, the guys go live at random times to bless your screen with their unfiltered selves. Prepare for sudden dance performances, cooking fails, and heartfelt talks. Build LEGO with Jimin, have a heartfelt chat with RM, and literally watch Jungkook folding his pants (Calvin Kleins, obvs).

  3. Music Video Masterpieces: Dive into their mesmerizing music videos. From a school-themed dance-off in "Dope" to an adventurous quest in "Blood Sweat & Tears," they've got it all. My absolute 100% recommendation is this - the Kinetic Manifesto Film for their song "ON" - it's what grabbed me by the earholes and eyeholes and got me wanting to know everything, watch everything, listen to everything.

Chapter 3: ARMY - aka the BTS fandom:

  1. ARMY Bond: Join the global family of ARMY, a fandom that's like a massive sleepover party where everyone's invited. From fan art to fan theories, the creativity is off the charts! An incredibly diverse fanbase - including, get this, William Shatner, Simon Pegg, and John Cena among many others...and never forgetting Jimmy Fallon, probably their biggest celeb fan.

  2. Fanchants & Lightsticks: Lightsticks are A BIG DEAL in k-pop...if you watch any concert videos you'll see seas of light, all co-ordinated and creating an absolutely barmy visual experience - because they're all Bluetoothed up and get synced to the performance! It's amazing...every group has their own version and ours is the ARMY Bomb, a must have for a concert! Fanchants are also a massive thing - info often gets sent to fans before a show to practice chanting particular lyrics - and knowing the members' names fanchant is obligatory!

And there you have it, your introductory guide to the wonderful world of BTS and its seven awesome members. There's a reason they've become literally the biggest group on the planet (well, many reasons really). Now, go forth and explore more of the magic that is Bangtan Sonyeondan! 🌟🎤💜


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