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You want cute? We've got cute. 


Rach Watson, the owner of The Lachimolalounge and creator of all this cuteness, plunged down the BTS rabbithole a while ago and is yet to come back up. So while she's down there making all this cute BTS art for you (and for her, let's be honest), you may as well make the most of it.

So come in to The Lachimolalounge, pull up one of those squishy chaises, and browse our fab collection of lowkey BTS merch, cute fan art, cards, tees, mugs....

If you're looking for cute BTS art prints for your ARMY wall, this is your new favourite place.

Come join me in the Lounge, it's lovely - we've got chaises and everything.


But we don't just do prints - we have subtle BTS clothing too, for those ARMYs who may want to be a bit more chill and sophis in their bangtan worship; and for the merch fiends, we even have exclusive collectible BTS photocards all created BY ARMY, FOR ARMY.

Rach is more than a little bit addicted to creating cute BTS art - and she's the first to admit it. If she can bring a smile to your day with a cute Jimin photocard, or a BTS lyrics mug, or the snuggliest J-Hope sweatshirt you've ever encountered...then she's a happy ARMY.

The Lachimolalounge ships worldwide - with free shipping for most prints here in the UK and great shipping rates around the globe - so your craving for awesome BTS art to brighten up your life can be satisfied affordably woohoooo!!!

There's not just BTS art in store either - go ahead and browse the whole shop to see the cat art prints and homewares, travel prints to inspire or reminisce, sweary art prints to exorcise that pottymouth, and more.

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commission me to make you some cute custom art (whether that's BTS art, your family portrait, your fave celebs) and get 10% off anything else in the shop in the following year! I love creating custom art, and if it puts a smile on your face, I'm happy!

drop me a message in the contact form below and let's get creating!

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